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The slutty equivalent to an average joe. A generic bitch that listens to the same music, looks the same, and who's personality is basically exactly the same to every other chick like her, and is completely replaceable in every meaning of the word.
Joe: Duuude your girlfriend's so fucking hot why the hell'd you dump her ass?
Bob: Man, she was just another average hoe. just as shallow and blonde as the next bitch!
by curlykickass June 25, 2009

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A guy with a lot of friends who always goes to sporting events and concerts with friends when they have extra tickets. This kid has a life and is always busy and happy.
Joe: Hey wanna catch a movie later?

Bob: nah man I'm goin to a redskins game, then I got a concert tomorrow.

Joe: Damn you got permanent season tickets you ticket mooch!
by curlykickass September 29, 2009

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A paradise for a boner. Referring to a person, place, or thing that causes a boner and keeps it going. Porn, hot people, places with a lot of hot people, and women's lower orifices and mouth can all be P-Fabs.
Dude did you see the new intern?!
Her mouth is a total P-Fab!!!

Dude have you seen the playboy mansion?!
That place is a fuckin P-Fab!
by curlykickass July 30, 2009

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Death to a boner. Something extremely boner killing and ruins life. Old chicks, fat chicks, gay dudes, fat dudes, and rosie o'donnell are all D-Tabs.
Dude did you see that movie last night?

It was awesome til that hot chick died. Total D-Tab

Dude did you see Hillary Clinton's campaign rally today?
Dude it was so boring shes such a D-Tab
by curlykickass July 30, 2009

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the action of making a "V" with your middle and pointer finger to either pay tribute to the greatest rock band in the world, Van-Halen, the greatest guitarist in the world, Steve Vai, or the greatest thing in the world, Vagina.
Jump is playing on the radio! *makes Finger V*

For the love of god is playing on the radio! *Finger V*

My girlfriend is playing with my pants! *FINGER V*
by curlykickass July 13, 2009

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A celebrity or just plain douche that uses twitter very little to join the fad and calls them self a nerd or a geek for using twitter and then laughs it off thus amusing them self and insulting nerds, geeks, and the whole serious twitter community all at the same time. Often are Twits anyway.
A Twirp commonly brings up the fact they use twitter at inappropriate times to make themselves feel hip and interesting. sometimes, Twirps are older cougars trying to feel young, only too look like an bitchy old chick
Joe: Dude, you know that old cougar whos at the bar all the time got a twitter?
Bob: Yeah man, she said she was a nerd cuz she like twatted once!
Joe: Damn what an old, dried up Twirp!
by curlykickass June 25, 2009

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