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a super sensitive girl but very funny. she will say her mind a lot. usually a singer or actress. can play any instrument. smart test person. she thinks no one likes her but they do. has beautiful curly locks usually golden brown. she is so beautiful with the longest lashes and prettiest eyes.
someone: “wow! that girls lashes are so long!”

someone else: “that’s for sure a sophie!”
by cringetoaster222 October 05, 2018

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usually a girl, but will not assume. Someone who thinks they are so artsy they have a VSCO and try their hardest to be vintage like their mom, which doesn’t work out. Bell bottoms are not coming back.
“You see that girl? “

“Yea, she looks like an art poser. trying to hard to time travel to bell bottoms.”
by cringetoaster222 March 31, 2018

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