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Air Academy High School (AAHS) is located on the Air Force base in Colorado Springs. A public school full of spoiled brats, hopeless stoners, and few between. Famous for bird-shit-white walls, suspensions given for going on Myspace via school computers, being one of the poorest schools in state yet ranking in the 90th percentile in testing scores, and being synonymous with purgatory. Staff compares the campus to a minimum security prison, based on the fact that you must present ID to heavily armed MPs simply to get to school everyday, not to mention there are 2 cameras for every one hallway. There has not been a senior prank since 2007. 1 in 3 lockers in the original building are broken. The only successful "sports teams" are band and cheerleading. On a foggy morning it looks like fucking Silent Hill. The only place filthier than the bathrooms is the cafeteria. The only place filthier than the cafeteria is the rest of the school. The mascot is a fictional bird called a "Kadet" (pronounced: fucking retarded), a miserable spin-off of the Cadets that attend the College on the same base.
Guy1: Where'd you go to high school?
Guy2: Air Academy man! Built in the '50's, it established the Academy District 20 in Colorado Springs!

Guy1: Sounds shitty.
by crackfuzz June 28, 2011

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Anyone who understands most or all of the math/science related jokes on Futurama
Announcer: Checking the electron microscope... And the winner is Number 3, in a quantum finish!

Professor: No fair! You changed the outcome by observing it! (tears up ticket)

Futurama Nerd: Haha! That's funny because in quantum physics nothing has a definite location, you can merely GUESS where something COULD be!
by crackfuzz June 28, 2011

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Movies, novels, stories, etc. based upon nerdy topics such as sci fi or fantasy.
Wesley: Lord of the Rings is cheesy and geeky

Austin: I like it man, I'm a huge fan of nerdlore
by crackfuzz June 21, 2011

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Experiencing one of those all too familiar Mondays full of headaches, bitchiness, and generally shitty luck with everything.
Guy1: Hey man, you have a good weekend?

Guy2: Don't speak. I'm having a Monday dude
by crackfuzz January 09, 2012

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A female "bro"
Did you see that chick get stoned and naked last night!? What a bro-ette

Me and Alicia are getting close, but just as friends. She's like my bro-ette
by crackfuzz January 09, 2012

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