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Much like the blues, but more middle-class and privileged. Essentially a synonym for middle-class guilt.
Ooooh, I ain't got the blues... I've got those "The Big Issue is terribly noble... but the homeless are putting off tourists" New Labour middle-class whites.
~Fascinating Aida, the whites
by crabbadon February 18, 2011

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(lit.) anal hair, used as expletive. Comes from populat cartoon weebl and bob]
I dropped my pen, arse fez!
by crabbadon September 19, 2006

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In games:
1) As an adjective: good, holy, of or relating to the good-aligned god (esp. Sikkar, a generic "good" god)
2) A mob (mobile NPC, monster) defined as "good"
2) Also refers to paladin or especially priest
3) A "flappy" can be a good-aligned resurrection.

This term is not univeral to all games; it is most common in MUDS, probably originating in RetroMUD.
1) Every mob in this area is flappy...
2) Anyone want to come beat on some flappies?
3) Flappy LFG, especially pallys/rangers
4) No, a res is no good to me, I need a flappy...
by crabbadon March 19, 2007

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