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Gay male slang, especially BDSM: a man who is especially aroused by nipple stimulation or pain.
God, John's such a titpig, Look at him get hard over those nipple clamps
by crabbadon April 18, 2009

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An analogy to explain a certain (usually political) system, beginning with the statement "you have two cows" and explaining what would happen to them under that system, sometimes involving your neighbours and often the government.

Popularly used for many things, including video games and religions.
Two cows: You have two cows. You use them to explain a political system.

Capitalism: You have two cows. You milk them and sell the milk.

Democracy: You have two cows. You and your neighbours vote on who gets the milk.

Feudalism: You have two cows. The lord tithes most of the milk and lets you keep the rest.

Zork: You have two cows. They get eaten by grues.
by crabbadon November 20, 2007

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When you say one thing, but mean your mother.
- He was wearing this apron that said kiss the cock, and -

- Kiss the cock? Was that a freudian penis?
by crabbadon January 25, 2010

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An obsession with or addiction to cosmetic surgery (medically necessary surgery, reconstructive surgery and single uses of cosmetic surgery don't usually qualify). "The knife" in this case refers to the scalpels associated with this sort of surgery.
It's sad that so many celebrities today have an addiction to the knife.
by crabbadon August 22, 2010

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After the Dianna-Wynn-Jones book of the same name, a hexwood book is a book that is confusing to the point of being unreadable, usually due to taking place in several different timelines or alternate realities
Have you ever tried to read Illuminatus!?
Yeah, but I couldn't get into it. The middle part's too hexwood for me.
by crabbadon November 20, 2007

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Verb, intransitive.
For a song or even movie clip to "shuffle on" is for it to appear on a randomised playlist (which is said to be "shuffled").

See also shuffle
Hey, Rock and Roll lifestyle just shuffled on (past tense of shuffle on), I love that song!
by crabbadon June 11, 2007

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A cheery, laid-back kind of music, supposedly derived from the much harsher genre of psyche (a punk subgenre), supposed to recreate the experience of hallucinogenic (psychadelic) drugs, though it has closer links to country. Mostly an extinct genre, popular during flower power.
The Free Design was a soft psyche group
by crabbadon February 26, 2006

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