4 definitions by coywow

to avoid giving direct answers, a shy manipulative way to keep your information to yourself
Ben: i asked Kye about the fight but he wouldn’t tell me anything i didn’t already know
Eli: i’d say he’s just not a rat, but Kye is always playing coy
by coywow May 21, 2021
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A man with absolutely ZERO hoes, swag, game, rizz, etc.

Zerbe's are likely discord mods, and have an odd obsession with streaming to 2-6 viewers.

(common term among midwestern highschoolers).
Cassandra: Have you talked to Chris lately, he's always in my DM's.
Coy: He's just being a Zerbe, Chris is always like that.

Joe: He sucks at video games too, especially Super Smash Brothers.
by coywow August 29, 2022
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steggygod. a god of the steeze with power comparable to that of a stegosaurus
coy: “Man, peter sure is a steggygod.”
amanda: “dude 100%, i wish i could steeze like peter”
by coywow March 12, 2021
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The system used when a person is going over all of their options before cuffing season.
When youre not quite sure which person you’re going to pursue this coming autumn, you have to go over your draft board.
Tom: bro I made my draft board, but I think someone is going to draft(cuff) my #1 before me.
Chad: That’s why you got the board man, just go on to #2. My draft board is full I have 74 prospects
Tom: bro what.
by coywow September 22, 2022
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