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This is an activity between a man and a woman that starts with a moneyshot. After the proper deposit has been made, the man grabs the women by the back of her head and proceeds to knee her in the face until all of her teeth are missing. This should be followed by releasing your partner, then immediately flexing your arms forward and down, waving them open and closed whilst screaming in the deepest voice possible, "Centipeeeede!"

In a work environment, when discussing the centipede, it may be crucial to use the lesser known term "arthropod".
"Hey, how did your date with Jen go last night?"

by cm34p4in March 13, 2007
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Something that will probably end up on your sisters iPod.
Check out this new band I just downloaded, Xasthur!
by cm34p4in July 25, 2006
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