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It is when a male 69's his girl and whilst she sucks on his johnny walker, his busta rhymes take a seat on her eyes.
Last night i gave shandra the nicest pair of Arabian goggles she purchased in a long time
by Clit69 May 30, 2009
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When you diarrhea into a girls clam and then you use it as a lubricatin substance for ya sexual pleasure

ex. in da pussay
Last night i was fuckin Alejandra and she was dry as a prune in da Mojave, so i had to use a messy Mendez to finish da job
by clit69 June 14, 2009
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Da best damn high school you ever seen.
Representin Midlo, da whitest school in chestafield mothafuckin county.
Midlothian High School is da dilliest at football.
by clit69 October 03, 2009
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