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A variation of the stranger. The act of siting on your dick until it becomes numb, and having your partner sit on her hand until it becomes numb, then she proceeds to jerk you off. This gives the illusion that you're both watching someone else give and receive a hand job.
Rather than throw in my favorite porno flick, my girlfriend insisted that we do the double stranger. She says it's like watching the porno live in person.
by cliffO November 05, 2008

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Oral sex performed upon a female. Usually used to refer to a recipient who has an enlarged clitoris. Shellatio (pronounced she-latio) is a variation of 'fellatio'. The act itself is more similar to stimulating a male than an average female, hence the similarity in the name.
"I thought it'd be great to go down on Betty, but when I finally saw her gigantic clit, I realized I'd better be ready for some shellatio!"
by cliffo March 08, 2009

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