12 definitions by christie

A strong sounding, strong meaning band. Best drummer in the world, amazing guitarists, and nine members whom all do an amazing, and important job in this masterpiece I call a band.

With amazing abilities in both screaming and singing, their lead vocalist rocks his listeners to the core with meaningful, and seldom ventured lyrics.

A drummer who could beat anyone in a competition (Yes folks, even Blinks Travis... are you kidding me?) Joey is one truly amazing percussionist.

The other seven members of this masterpiece are just as talented, and deserve all the credit in the world for being an integral part to an amazing band.

What is Slipknot? Simply the best band since Black Sabbath, since Slayer.
Slipknot is Slipknot... there's nothing else to it.
by christie August 14, 2004
something too in between fabulous and fantastic to be just one.
the way you write is just fantabulous!
by christie January 14, 2004
Tells it like it is!
A fuktard is a fuktard...
by christie February 20, 2004
Very sxc and wonderful person who is also funny and very coHooooL
by christie April 8, 2003
Tells it like it is!
A fuktard is a fuktard!
by christie February 20, 2004
adj. Something that is beyond being fucked up or out of synch with the way things should be.
(1)Woolly using my word to gain fame on urban dictionary.com is completely infructus.
(2)"i cant believe he puked on my dog, that is some infructus shit
(3)McDonalds is an example of the infructus companies that are ruining the world.
by christie January 4, 2005
a masterpeice created by god...
u guys betta treat yo lady right or she will up and leave yawl skank ass!
by christie July 24, 2003