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The knock off version of the body shaping phenomenon that re-shapes & smooths out the funkiest of figures - Body Magic.
"Theresa's bad bust-to-belly ratio looks even worse with that tight orange t-shirt on. She must be rockin' a Body Tragic"
by chickdamebroad May 04, 2010
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plantar fashionitis - the shoes you are forced to wear (or can no longer wear) due to a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis, a painful inflammation on the sole of your feet.
"Dude - what's up with the Jesus sandals?"

"Man, this plantar fashionitis ain't no joke, these are the only shoes I can comfortably wear!
by chickdamebroad April 09, 2011
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"Hey, that's a really nice bracelet."
"Thanks, it was the last birthday present I got from my wasband."
by chickdamebroad July 31, 2009
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When you completely ignore someone you know (or vice versa).
"Girl, I was at a bbq and I saw Anna, who I've known since 8th grade and she gave me the 'Vickie Dugan', like she didn't used to borrow my clothes!"

"Who's 'Vickie Dugan'?"

"That's just it, no one knows and that's how she treated me - as if she didn't know me!"
by chickdamebroad July 31, 2009
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