2 definition by chav h8a 2005

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this is possibly the best idea i've ever come across, its like a sport, you find a herd of fresh chav scum, chase them, scare the living shit outta them and then, you beat the shit outta them and leave them there in a heap on the floor begging for daddy to save them. almost like genocide, but on the dogshit of our community.a general cadidate for communial sport of hte year!
oh look janice, a chav, lets throttle him and probe his pea-brain with our napalmed knitting needles...And then some... ;] WOW - Chav baiting, lets legalise this fantastic idea!
by chav h8a 2005 October 03, 2005

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chavs, chivvies, charvers, townies, scroats, dill holes, kevs, neds, scallies, wankers, pikies, hardos, jippos
I guess they're just dirty, loud, ugly, stupid arseholes that threaten, fight, cause trouble, impregnate 14 year olds, ask for money, ask for fags, try and sell stolen phones, steal your phones, wear crap sports wear, drink cheap cider and generally spread their hate.

all chavs are scum and shoul be beaten with sticks and/or killed and wiped of the surface of the earth
by chav h8a 2005 September 17, 2005

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