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The Jack to Jack (Back to Back Jack) Is the attempt to masturbate immediately following a previous orgasm.
I attempted a Jack to Jack but I was to sensitive to continue.
by CharitableNinja February 08, 2009
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The large category of any joke related to that of a Jew, Jewish customs, or the Jewish religion. A Jew joke.
Normally, I would find that man's Jewokes offensive, but the way he incorporated the Jew into every instance made it quite comical.
by CharitableNinja October 13, 2009
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The rebirth of a recently lost erection.
I originally had a boner from seeing Kate's thong; but once I lost it, I had a resserection immediately after because of Jessica's cleavage.
by charitableninja November 22, 2009
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The process of lying down with no intentions of taking a nap, but ending up falling asleep anyway against your will.
When I went to go lie down on the couch to read my book, I ended up getting naped and didn't wake up for 2 hours.
by CharitableNinja October 10, 2009
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