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A town in west-central PA with a population of just under 6000 people. Features areas which are timeless/classy as well as areas with sprawling mansions and contemporary luxury apartments. One distinct historical and timeless area is the "Diamond District," with shops and boutiques lining the streets where one can find designer clothing boutiques and small unique restaurants. (Not many chain restaurants like the surrounding areas) Also in the "district" are scattered Victorian homes, which have been well-maintained over the years. The more contemporary areas feature a number of upscale apartments which have countless amenities. Additionally there are gigantic estates carved into the mountainside. Many successful members of the community work in outlying areas and choose Hollidayburg as their residence for the low crime rate and beautiful surroundings. The name itself invokes an image of prestige and exclusivity. Meticulously manicured golf courses and exclusive country clubs provide afternoon relaxation and evening entertainment. Men tend to be of a higher level of intellect; the women are gorgeous and cultured. The demographics feature a mix of young an old alike, with a growing young professional population. Many doctors, lawyers, executives, and those who have opted out of the fast paced NYC and LA lifestyles live here. Residents take pride in their appearance and social status.
Oh, you live where?....Well I guess we can't all live in the premier central PA city..otherwise it would not be Hollidaysburg.
by cfb7 February 16, 2009
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Not quite a dick waving contest, but invitation can be precipitated by what one believes is leading in the direction of said contest.
It occurs when Person B continues to try to "one-up" person A. Person A, who appears indifferent, and with low tolerance, abruptly questions, "Do you want to have a money-contest." Person A has effectively downplayed person B's attempts to one-up, by insinuating that Person B would clearly lose in a money contest.
Benjamin growing quite impatient with the sak's salesgirl and her vague references to dating celebrities and world-travel, promptly interrupted, "Would you care to have a money contest?"
by cfb7 March 07, 2009
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