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(verb) to make a place like your home
nigga1: yo i just banged a fat chick

nigga2: good job

nigga1: not really she's tryna house in my bed
by cdi22le August 31, 2010
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(verb) HOUSE, HOUSING, HOUSTED, acronym, H.O.U.S.E. (Homies Out Utilizing Shit Everywhere)

making a place homey like your home especially somwhere you don't live you can even HOUSE your own home or HOUSE the body of a sexual partner. Can be done anywhere and everywhere to everything
C-baby: yo, nigga my car just broke down
Cdi22le: oh well nigga, we HOUSING hardbody on this highway
C-baby: Oh, we gonna HOUSE!!!
by cdi22le September 03, 2010
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