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Force-sorting is the process of re-naming a file, folder or other computer information in order to control the order in which information is displayed in a device, generally a portable music player or cellular phone.

A common examples is the addition of punctuation or additional numbers or letters to artists names in a software program like iTunes so that they appear early or later in your playlist.

For instance, renaming "Loudon Wainwright III" as "!Loudon" in order to ensure that Loudon Appears at the top of a list of names.

Other examples included adding additional spaces, changing "Elissa Robbins" into "E lissa Robbins," so that your best friend appears at the top of the list of "E"s in your cellular telephones address book.
I went to call Charles and instead of having to scroll down past Caleb, Carl, and Cecilia, I luckily had used force-sorting and as a result, he appeared at the top of the list as C harles.
by carlygoodman August 28, 2007
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A boy who you are making out with, who approaches the state of boyfriend - without ever reaching it.
"My asymptotic boyfriend Matt continued to introduce me as his friend whenever we ran into people he knew while we were out, despite having been dating for a couple of months."
by carlygoodman June 28, 2007
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