11 definitions by camping buddy

When two lesbians clam bump to the point where the vaginal lips hang down dripping wet and drags across the floor leaveing a slippery trail
I was shell gliding after my first lesbian experience
by camping buddy June 12, 2017
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Its the act of searchin or seeking for drugs mainly meth,dope,shit,crank,ect
Ill message few people and see if they are lookin
by camping buddy May 23, 2017
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Its when a person has had so much anal sex that the anus becomes stretched or loosened so much that when they fart it sounds like someone yawning
I could tell it was a analyawn when I smelled it
by camping buddy May 22, 2017
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Located in east central minn. This county is known for its high unemployment and welfare rate along with crime rate and its meth use . 90% of its jail is full of 5th degree meth arrest the other 10% is criminal sexual conduct arrests. If your planning on visiting this place leave kids at home and don't bring any valuebles cause your kids will be corrupted or sexualy harrased and valubles will be taken and traded for drugs
I went on vacatoin to pine county minn my kids got sexually harrased and corrupted into meth and car got stolen and traded for meth
by camping buddy May 21, 2017
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Similar to the word( bent spokes) the word or term (damaged rim) is when your anus has been pounded to the point where you have no more spokes to bend leaveing just a rim that will be damaged next thus given the word (damaged rim)
He pounded me so hard I now got damaged rim
by camping buddy June 12, 2017
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A creepy tree farmer who thinks he is a doctor and advertises free rectal exams out of his van
I just got back from my rectal exam with your uncle bad touch
by camping buddy June 1, 2017
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The owner of that hotdog stand (a.k.a hotdog holidays) that the gay guys go crazy for every Quarry days in pine county
I see Dean was back again I seen faggots around his hotdog stand as far as the eye can see
by camping buddy June 12, 2017
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