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1slow,can't understand the techies
2ripoff about %50 of the time
3got a printer for free and it literally fell apart in about a week
5they INSTALL TONS OF SHIT YOU DON'T WANT on the comp (including windows)
6aside that they don't give you a fucking windows disk to begin with
"the company isn't neccecarily bad, they do have good deals some of the time (free 19" monitor woo)
though people who worship dell should have their head bashed in w/a motherboard containing more than 1 ide port."
by caljoun June 20, 2005

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love is is most described as unexplainable because it occours in the brain, when your neurons fire to react to an emotional, hormonal trigger. That feeling,love, is just your body telling you that it's time to reproduce.
"Holy shit she's the hottest asian chick i've ever seen!"
"Dude, you've never seen an asian chick"
by caljoun June 20, 2005

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