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All swimmers are extraordinarily committed to the sport, and don't mind getting up at ungodly hours to train excessively. Swimming is definitely the most difficult sport, no doubt about it, and swimmers will fight to the death if you challenge that fact. They're great in bed. They are usually lazy, but good in school. Swimmers are known to eat a lot because of all the calories that are burned. When it's not swimming season, a swimmer is pretty much a "fish out of water" and gets all depressed. When they get like this, the only medicine is about 3 miles worth of swimming. The longer you train, the faster you are, the better you feel.

Male Swimmers are usually extremely fit, and have big penises. Usually have a six pack and insane arm muscles, however, some are just skinny. It doesn't matter, all guy swimmers are great in bed and super hot. Plus they are awesome boyfriends, very thoughtful. Swim practice is about 2 and a half hours of thinking time, while moving your arms and legs until they burn.

Female Swimmers are pretty much the chillest girls you'll ever meet. They're always tan and never cold. Used to vigorous training, everything else is cake for them. You want to date a swimmer. They're just a lot of fun to be around. Stays fit all year round, even when swim season's over because female swimmers hate being out of shape.
Guy: Man, football practice was tough today...
Swimmer: LMFAO I'll show you tough.
by cagedanimal April 09, 2010

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a phrase you used in 5th grade in replacement of "no shit", because cussing was bad. It is said to make fun of someone who points out something obvious. Usually followed by "Einstein" or "Smartie Pants" or "Sherlock"
Most commonly used in the South.
Kid 1: That's a tree
Kid 2: No dip, Einstein.
by cagedanimal April 10, 2010

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