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from Jaberwocky poem in Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Thought to mean misty and whimsical.

not to be confused with mimsy - flirtatious girl or female genitalia!
"all mimsey were the borogroves"
by caRo November 1, 2004
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A young man who hides behind his hair, and bears a strange and very strong resemblance to a friend of mine.
Nikolai ran into the room dressed as a wizard, and hid in the corner.
by caRo November 5, 2003
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An "latino"actress who doesn't speak spanish and can't act and singer wannabe famous for having a puertorican average ass
Gigly its the best example
by caRo October 26, 2004
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fu-ton. v. to take an attractive member of the opposite sex to one's futon for sexual purposes.
I think I'm finally going to futon this guy I've been seeing, tonight!
by caRo July 19, 2004
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He begged her for a nubber in the parking lot
by caRo January 1, 2014
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the act of being a chonga;
Those girls are all chongivity from head to toe.
by caRo March 9, 2005
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