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A racial group created by the U.S. government to put all people who descend from Spanish speaking countries into one meaningless group. Hispanic is NOT a racial group. They can be white, black, native american, asian, or any combination of these peoples. Hispanic countries are just as racially diverse as the United States, thus this term has no real meaning.
Moron says: Why does he look white? I thought he was hispanic?
by Cuban_steve August 11, 2005

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The best thing to be. The coolest and most talented people in the world. And they come in all races.
Andy Garcia, Celia Cruz, Fat Joe, Gloria Estafan, etc.
by cUbAn_StEvE April 09, 2005

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A ghetto wannabe that uses slang terminology. Typically, they wear long white t-shirts, long jean shorts, air force ones, and baseball caps. They are everywhere and each one is the same as the next. They tend to put nice rims on their crappy cars and listen to the latest hip-hop song with bass turned up to an obnoxious level. They are some of the dumbest people on the planet with no successful futures in sight. Unfortunately, chicks tend to gravitate towards these retarded conformists.
I like Sarah so much, but she only goes out with yo-yo g's!
by Cuban_steve August 11, 2005

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