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To have someone tell you that you look like a member of the cast from The Twilight Saga film series. It usually happens in cycles, and most often when unexpected. A true twidentification must be spoken, but in many cases the subject might just get stared at. Stares should only be counted when they fit into a cycle of true Twidentifications.
old lady: excuse me young man, has anybody ever told you that you look just like that guy from the Twilight?

young man: why yes, I have been twidentified many times before, but never at my grandfathers funeral!
by Buzzsaw B February 10, 2010

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A twigalo is a gigalo who associates himself with th Tilight series in some way. Twigalo's might claim to enjoy the books, or say that they look like one of the movies characters, in rare cases they do. Cost usually varies incrementaly with the level to which the twigalo has been twidentified.
The cougars that live across the street totally hired a couple of twigalo's last night!
by buzzsaw b April 27, 2010

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A dad who has been bitten by the twilight bug and become a twi-hard. In most cases the bug is carried by the twads tween daughter and often by his wife as well. In most reprted cases the twilight bug is not transmitted between men of hetero sexual orientation so the spread is slow, as opposed to the wildfire type spread that is known to effect female twi-hards.
"I can't believe that you took me to see New Moon on opening night, your a great Twad!"
by buzzsaw b February 22, 2010

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