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A person who loves to drive and thinks his or her car is a toy. Aided by the power of the companies name, the driver is filled with a sense of Righteousness as they skid around a corner weaving through traffic. This cigarette smoking Delivery Driver is "NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH". Will not hesitate to throw you into oncoming traffic(while listening to Black Sabbath as he throws his head back and laughs, lighting another cigarette). And the most important fact, the driver knows where you live. Most likely has a "shit-list" of addresses to "bad tippers".
The Delivery Driver peeled out of the parking lot, throwing an empty can of beer out the window as he sqwealed around the corner.

That driver smelled like cigarettes and booze again.

my pizza is missing toppings!

Did you see those two cars racing? the Papa Johns guy smoked him.
by butseks February 9, 2010
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Italian name. Most likely from Brazil

Very happy person, Stupid and innocent...to your face. Little do you know, he is pissing on your toilette seat as we speak. it's not because he is stupid and doesn't know how to pull his foreskin back and aim right, its just that he doesn't care.

A man who has the whole world fooled except for the people that live with him.

Mostly dependent upon a maid, he lets his roommates or girlfriend clean up after him. With Arrogance as his middle name, he cocks his head back and laughs as loud as he can at his own jokes.

The dinner etiquette he possesses contradicts itself. He properly uses the silverware, but he tips his cup back so the wine dribbles out the sides and down his chin, properly wiping after-wards.

Marcello's are known for being so afraid of spiders, that they will deftly attempt to kill it (with your remote) while totally spilling their red wine on your white carpet in the process.

His careless nature leads to sloppy habits like leaving his shoes in your walk space (preferably in front of your bedroom door).
Marcello: Guess what man, my Girl Friend Caught me online again.

guy: Oh yeah, and she didn't dump you?

Marcello: No man, i gave her excuse... she thinks i am estupid, bahahh ha hahh ha ha!!!!
Marcello: Hey bro, im going on a date with this girl from online.
guy: oh yeah?
Marcello: if things go well, maybe i go to her place, maybe f%ck her in the A##.
by butseks April 1, 2010
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Is the result of Anal Leakage. When one experiances "Soupy Booty", it is usually a result of bad diet, or sickness, or just plain to old to digest food properly.
Hey Amy, you ever fart and have to go to the bathroom and wipe? its not an actual turd but its juicy. "ohh, you've got the Soupy Booty".Wet Fart Hershey Squirts
by butseks February 18, 2010
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