2 definitions by buddy...not.the.elf.

1. Really means non-playable characters that are programmed to act a certain way in games. Usually games under the rpg category have npcs

2. Overused term just to mean someone who doesn’t think for themselves. Conservatives think that all liberals are npcs, which is not true btw.

3. Term used by random people who think they know better than everyone to be obnoxious
1. “Look, that NPC just entered their house. I better get to bed.”

2. Person 1: “Damn liberals are all NPCs.”
Person 2: “No they aren’t lmao”

3: Person 3: “oMg look at all of those NPCs just walking around.”
Person 4: “If you read books in your free time your an NPC BAHAHA!!!”
by buddy...not.the.elf. December 22, 2022
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I mishearing of quote, unquote when a person is usually quoting someone else’s phrase or saying something unsurely or in a sarcastic manner
Person 1: I heard that so-and-so had a quote-on-quote “illness” yesterday
Person 2: uhhh, don’tcha mean “quote, unquote?”
Person 1: sure, whatever
by buddy...not.the.elf. December 22, 2022
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