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One or more first world douches travelling to a third world country to either spread the word of douche to other, 'less privileged' cultures; or to act in a way that perpetuates negative attitudes towards foreigners by behaving in a douchey manner.
Person A: your face reminds me of Michael Clark Duncan
Person B: Do you WANT them to think we are conquistadouches?
by btwoodley December 20, 2010
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The act of engaging in sexting while in a twilight- half-awake, half-asleep trance where one is able to draw on the full power of one's subconscious while still retaining just enough motor skills to successfully punch out this sexy prose. It is rumored that the plot of Inception was first conceived in a lengthy session of narcosexty.
Sexy Narcosexter: i was sleeping last night through all of that texting btw
Sexy Narcosexter: i kept hearing it and waking up and responding, then falling back asleep

Hapless Victim: sleep sexting?

Sexy Narcosexter: yes

Hapless Victim: how kinky

Sexy Narcosexter: narcosexty
by btwoodley December 29, 2011
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When an othewise normal looking guy has incomfortably little slack in the crotch reigion causing a lumpy mass of man bits to be pushed not only up, but out for the rest of the world to view
While standing on the subway today some guy's Camel Bro totally brushed against my hand.... I feel violated
by btwoodley December 23, 2009
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A native word of South American Quechua, it literally means earth-potato. While this phrase holds no practical use on its own, the word does hold value as as an exclaimation which is fun to say and, if timed right, amusing to hear.
It costs how much for a plane to Peru?!?

by btwoodley February 03, 2011
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