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cute guy from peter pan
hottie with a good body
by briana January 10, 2004

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the coolest thing possible...best thing ever imaginable!

~"why should i listen to you?"
"because im soohoo and well..yeah..soohoo rocks...duh"
by briana January 04, 2005

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vinny tenaglia is a soft foo who cant stay up till 1:03am
vinny u a soft foo!!!!!
by briana March 12, 2005

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a hottie
edudlive is a hottie
by Briana December 06, 2003

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when something has been in hot topic, and someone uses a slogan from it.
Jene: Childproof caps have ruined my happiness!
Bill: That has been so hottopic-ed, yeah its from Foamy the squirrel, but it's not cool when it reaches hot topic, because then everyone uses the damn phrase!
by Briana March 28, 2005

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To barge in one someones business
I dont want to embarge in on yo day
by Briana June 02, 2003

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Bloog means when you get Blopped in the Jleek by a Floog.
Man you just got Blooged by Jonny!
by Briana March 06, 2005

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