3 definitions by breezzy fosheezzy

Yoga bound friends are yogies. A regular tight knit group of friends are homies Combined makes you a homie yogi. Hogies.
All my hogies are going to do some crazy shit in Whits Rocket class. Then we’re going to hot buti w Saharu.
by breezzy fosheezzy May 26, 2019
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When you go down to orally please a woman and you move south to her ass. The wolf bite is when part of her pussy is still in your mouth while you are sucking her ass hole at the same time.
I gave that girl the wolf bite last night. I was eating that pussy and moved down to eat her ass. I started sucking them both at the same time giving that wolf bite.
by breezzy fosheezzy December 05, 2017
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An independent woman can be described as an Uptown Bitch.
You know you got an uptown bitch when she buys them tittes her damn self.
by breezzy fosheezzy August 30, 2011
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