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pronounced GAY-aw-meh-ter

a word you can use when a straight person starts acting a little too homosexual.
Hank: OMG I love your hair!

Bill: hey Hank I think u should turn your gayometer down a couple notches.

Hank: yeah your right I don't know what came over me....
by brandonius the destroyer February 27, 2010
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the crums and pieces at the bottom of a box of cap'n crunch or other cereal
Devon: hey dude do u have any cereal? I'm starving

Brandon: no sorry bro just some cap'n crums...

Devon:... crap...
by brandonius the destroyer January 13, 2010
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named after Toyota's sticky gas pedals.

a person, usaually female, who starts talking and keeps going uncontrolably on and on with no end until someone finally interrupts them enough so that they stop.
Tammy: can you beleive that health care bill passed?! that kinda reminds me of the time.... blah blah blah blah.....

Brandon: it's been ten minutes... is she ever gonna stop?!

Devon: I don't know man... this bitch has a toyota mouth like no other.
by brandonius the destroyer April 08, 2010
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I randomly blurted this out when I was high and have since made it my word. you can use it for just about anything but it is an adjective not a noun. so u can call someone a nigger shit but if u say that someone is nigger shit then ur not using the word right.
1 jim: nigger shit dude what time is it?

2 Brandon: hey there nigger shit how's it goin??

3 Devon: holy nigger shit did u see that hot bitch?!

wrong: wow that guy is nigger shit...
right: wow that guy is a nigger shit..
by brandonius the destroyer March 08, 2010
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