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a person who defies explanation with regard to common sense and logic, exhubing an air of confidence that is mutually exclusive to that of their accomplishments or ability
what the hell is Emma doing, can she not see that if im not at my desk I can not answer my phone, she is such a fucking muppet
by boss hog August 01, 2004

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A derogatory term used to express one's dislike for someone. Definitely not something to be said around the family dinner table.
Hey cock in the mouth, where's my John Tesh cd's? Yer momma wants to listen to it while I spank her............
by Boss Hog July 31, 2003

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The act of telling a friend they are unknowingly embarrassing themselves.
Caitlin, you wear the same kind of pants as your Mother.
by Boss Hog June 30, 2004

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Ski'd - High on weed, Blowedor im so high, not use in a sentance, often use to point out someone who's high.
'Your Ski'd,who was you smoking with?'

'I can tell your ski'd!'
by Boss Hog April 16, 2005

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Etymology: Internet Relay Chat Slang. The clutter of intelligible text that scrolls past in a busy IRC channel.
"Argh! I lost me peg-leg in the scrill!"
by Boss Hog July 12, 2004

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