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Turning a blind eye to sexual indescetion.
He continued to show his best friend great paterno love, despite the fact he knew his wife was sleeping with someone else.

When the coach was asked why he failed to report the pervert to authorities, he exclaimed, "I was practicing paterno love."
by Bonafied Cracker November 16, 2011

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A person who tells the recipient of a gift what the gift is before the person actually receives it.
During the Christmas Holiday, the wife called her husbands place of employment looking for him. Despite knowing he had stepped out to buy his wife something at Tiffany's, the phone receptionist answered, "He's at Tiffanys shopping."
To which the wife responded, "He's going to but me something at Tiffanys!!!" A co-worker called the phone receptionist a "gift narc" for ruining the holiday surprise.
by bonafied cracker December 28, 2011

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Touching another person's inner thigh in an affectionate but non-sexual way.
After her first date, when asked by her friends how it went, she exclaimed, "Terrible, he pulled a sanduskey on me thinking I was easy."

Under therapy, it was revealed that the troubled teen's coach had been "pulling a sanduskey" with him everytime they showered after practice.
by Bonafied Cracker November 16, 2011

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