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Amazing safety who plays for the Baltimore Ravens and in just 3 years in the NFL he is among the best and has a defensive player of the year award.
Ed Reed set an NFL record for longest interception return ever of 106 yards against the Clevland Browns.
by bob is your aunt May 26, 2005

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A bet that requires a ton of honesty between a group of people. This bet was first introduced in Seinfeld in which a group of people bet on who can the longest with out masterbaiting. However it is quite is easy to win this bet if you lie.
Man I knew I could never go more than 3 weeks with jerking off. I really shouldn't ahve been a part of that seinfeld bet. (Zipper sound trousers drop) Might as well get my money's worth!!!
by Bob is your aunt September 01, 2005

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A word that has no ture definiton because of the fact that it means so many different things. When you use this word in a conversation the only way for it to make sense is for the other person to at least be somewhat knowlegeable in the topic you are talking about. It usually is something that you will find in a video game. In one case Sentinel is actually the name of a video game for ps1. If you use this word when talking to someone about video games that isn't very knowlegeable but pretends they know what they are talking about, they will not even think for a split-second that what your are saying isn't true. Even people who know video games might get fooled if you just slip this wor din to your conversation because of normal it will sound. Typing this word in on google will bring up 7,500,000 links. This pretty much speaks for itself.
In 007 the sentinel is a missle launcher, In GTA the sentinel is a car,
In Halo the sentinels are flying machines that attack with laser-like weapons,
In Half-life the sentile is a machine gun,
Im sure in at least a few games out there besides Halo where there is an enemy(s) known as the Sentinel. If I wasn't so lazy I could probably find more examples via google (holy shit 7,500,000 links!) As you can see there is no true definiton for sentinel.
by bob is your aunt May 25, 2005

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