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after a man angry pirate a woman, she cleans up, goes back into the room and kicks the man's ass hard.
sweetie, this is how you get angry pirate kickback ...
by blackpudding July 03, 2013

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A circular area where titanic duels of fate occur. Both parties that enter are gods in their own right, but only one can exit. The combat within the tussle circle is often fierce and fleeting.

The most infamous of them all is on top of the Hospital on the Left 4 Dead campaign No Mercy.
"You are a swindler and I challenge you to combat within the tussle circle!".

"Screw it guys. I'm going to get an auto-shotty and face the tank in the tussle circle".
by Blackpudding November 06, 2010

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Adjective, Noun.

When somthing is absolutely amazing and splendiferous.
Allen bought a brand-new Alien Ware desktop today, and took it to his friends LAN party.

......5 Star Rare Item......
by Blackpudding June 25, 2009

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