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The stepford wives reside in Ahwatukee.
No one dares to be different or think outside the box. Everyone is a clone of everyone else. Definitely not a place to be a single parent, all The Stepford Wives and their Perfect yup hubbies have no time for single people. The bar crowd may have a few singles but most of them are drunks and on the elusive quest to find some young dumb bimbo who will bear their second set of children and then they have double child support to pay to the original Stepford Wife and to the bimbette that they stupidly thought would be the "perfect" compliment to their lives.
Ahwatukee a great place to be a clone...and keep up with the Jones' at any cost.....
The road to Ahwatukee...once you come in you can never really leave
by bitesize March 23, 2005
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Means you are from arizona and dress like an arizonian
You look like from you’re from Arizona. You must be an arizonian.
by bitesize February 28, 2018
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