4 definitions by billardbb

Baseword Acronym: Reduction In Force referring to workplace employee layoffs

Whole word is past tense use of the base acronym and refers to someone who has been laid off due to lack of work.
Dale was one of the guys that got RIFF'ed as part of the staffing reduction.
by billardbb January 16, 2009
A collogue or former coworkers potential to return to their former place of employment to reenact a Columbine like event.
Wow. Watch out when that guy gets laid off. His Postal Potential is very high.
by billardbb January 15, 2009
Derogatory nickname of an aerospace company that manufactures substandard In-flight Entertainment Systems. (i.e. Avionics Company branded under the Matsushita brand “Panasonic”)
Man, I'm sure glad I don't work for Panacrapalus.
by billardbb November 14, 2007
A description of one who is so sick that they have to carry a bucket with them so that there is a place for the vomit to go if they suddenly need to throw up.
Man, I was bucket sick today because I drank 6 long island iced tea’s last night.
by billardbb April 14, 2009