4 definitions by bigmamatwiiggy

-a girl who constantly gets ejaculated semen on her face..
----from different people;
Merrill-That girl Diana is a skeet face.
Courtney- eeewwww
by bigmamatwiiggy December 11, 2010
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when i like to blow my troubles away i take out my marilyn BONGroe and my worries are no more.
by bigmamatwiiggy January 31, 2011
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Sally-"Ooo. girl, whats that smell?"
Rebecca-"My bad, i just Larry-Doded"
Sally-"Thats nasty"
by bigmamatwiiggy October 29, 2010
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boy- that kat fat huh girl?
girl- waaat! oh no u didnt!
boy- U Coco McLean riiiiiite?
girl- .......= lol
by bigmamatwiiggy December 11, 2010
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