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1 of 2 of da dudes from outkast. spits real fast. tight as fuck rapper.
(Big boi)
oh snap these bitches they act like cats
in the middle of the dance floor now they preparing to scrap
they takin out their scrunchies and pullin off their pressons
the one on the right is the girlfriend and the one the left is the other woman
someone please call security
these girls too purty
to get down to the nitty titty
i mean the nitty gritty
i mean her tiitty pretty
im trippin
being silly willy
man go on let them hos fight
by big banks April 09, 2005

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crunk ass rapper w/ eyes thats like chinese people all low 'n' shiet.
rips w/ lil jon had a cd w/ trillville
known fo sayin A 'n' G's up
leader of G's up
Lil Scrappy da prince of crunk
by big banks April 07, 2005

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pig lookin motherfucker that doesnt write his own lyrics and takes after big pun his "dad" very fat too.. breathes before he says lean back
rapper that is funny to watch his videos
by big banks April 07, 2005

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