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slang term for X.
as in....x-stacy...
Joe, lemme get some tic tacs befo' we go to da club.

Err body in da club wit some tic tacs...

Hide the tic tacs! Po-po is comin'!!!
by bgirl November 24, 2004

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Seriocomic: combining the serious and the comic; serious in intention but jocular in manner or vice versa.
"I gotta give Hardee's an extended golf clap this morning. In an age where all of the fast food joints are extending their salad and yogurt offerings, Hardee's has apparently said "F-that noise, we're going the other way, add bacon to every damn thing including the ice cream." Beaver B prime example of one who is a seriocomic.
by Bgirl October 08, 2013

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