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A beautiful , book smart ( usually ) , street smart ( usually) often in to math , Very talented an will do great things in life . She has great friends . She is also the best friend any one could ask for .. if you have a friend named Tarahji , keep her around . She's quiet when she should be but when she is out of school or work she is wild and crazy( in a good way ) she knows how to make you laugh . She always has great taste in music and is the perfect person to hang out with at a concert or music festival. She's extremely creative . If you need her she will be there . The only person she needs is herself and is very dependable and independent. Altho she knows how to pick her guys .of your a guy you wanna pick someone like Tarahji. If your a girl then you wanna find a Tarahji as a best friend .
Guy one/ Hey that new girl Tarahji is cool . I'm gonna ask her out
Guy two / too late she is mine

Tarahji / nahhh I have me myself and I 😁
by Bgirl March 30, 2017
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