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"The game which has come to be known as "beer pong" in some areas of the United States - more specifically southern and western states - is actually a game originally named "beirut." The mistaken name of beer pong is derived from several unfortunate instances in which men from these areas attempted to say "beirut" while holding a penis in their mouth, resulting in a mumbled word resembling "beer pong." Unfortunately, these instances seem to continue to occur even to this day, resulting in a nearly nation-wide misconception that the game beirut is actually called beer pong."
uncool dude: "hey lets play beer pong?"
cool dude: "wtf are you talking about?"
uncool dude: "u kno, cups, beer, table, ping pong balls..."
cool dude: (smacks uncool dude) "its called beruit"
by beruitking2 September 25, 2006
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