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A style of music in which an unaccompanied vocal performer attempts to imitate the sound of a synthesizer, drum machine, sequencer, or other electronic instrument. This form is most frequently practiced by people attempting to identify or discuss a song rather than performed by musicians.
Example of a practical a capelletronica performance:

Lars: "I was listening to this M83 track yesterday and when it was all like 'duh-nah-nuh-NUH,' I was all like 'wow.'"
Klaus: "Wow, what track was that?"
Lars: "I don't remember, but maybe it was more like 'bap-ba-reee-BOP!'"
Klaus: "Oh, yeah. Midnight City."
by bergstein August 21, 2013

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1. A (middle) manager whose reach far exceeds his grasp.

2. A Local Caesar for the digital age.
Bert: How is your contribution to the strategic planning committee's mission statement coming along?

Ernie: Dude, we work at an Orange Julius.

Bert: You won't be working here long with that attitude.

Ernie: Aight, Part-Time Jobs. I'll get right on it.
by Bergstein February 22, 2011

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