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Another term for large female breasts. (Origin - defunct TV show called Herman's Head)
Whoa dude! What I couldn't do to a set of yonkers like those.
by berfel February 3, 2005
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Formerly known as neo-con.
An unambivalent follower of the administration of George W. Bush. Usually found in fundamentalist or evangelist churches or any extreme right leaning religious organization. Also found at all events that involve guns or anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-anything gatherings. If it involves the oppression of any form of human rights, that's where you will be sure find them in highest concentrations.
Bush and his Dictocrats are planning on suspending the Constitution, the 2004 election and our democracy under his new War Powers and Anti-terrorism act.
by berfel July 14, 2004
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George Bush's Jack Booted, Secret Morality Police, created to enforce the Mosaic Laws of the Old Testament and other perceived crimes under Christianity. (Origin - Internet blogs)
Formerly known as the Fun Police under previous Republican administrations.
Bush has unleashed his Christapo upon the American public to make sure they don't have any kind of fun or conduct themselves in a manner that isn't listed as acceptable in the Doctrine of the Religious Right.
by berfel February 3, 2005
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