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big hairy mole...like the one on the side of becks face haha
*luks at beck* wot the fuk? theres a jungle growin out ur face m8!
by ben doyle March 25, 2005

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ugly little monster like thing
wardley the random hero
by ben doyle February 18, 2005

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evil organisation, co founded by ben and smelly joe....but smelly joe is a traitor! and made up `bolik` ...tom is an evil henchman for both
Join borick!..borick will rule u all
by ben doyle March 27, 2005

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Wise wise words of a tommy harris lukalike....aint got a clue wot it means tho! wot a gr8 chum!
(luks at glass) .....gammoth!!! gammoth?!?!?!?! wot the fuk is gammoth!!
by ben doyle March 18, 2005

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the word scrumble means sweaty pits!
when someone has sweat patches under their armpits. you say they've got "scrumble".
by ben doyle February 17, 2005

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The word `squeg` was invented by me...yes im great!! it means a person who turns into a vegatable...who smells...and for sexual pleasure
joe smelly kelly!!!!
by ben doyle February 18, 2005

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