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similar in origin to 'choad', this variation can be considered quite the opposite. It is a penis that is so long and thin, that it drapes down one leg like a piece of string, and often emerges from the bottom of the trousers.

Also used a term of abuse, often used to mean someone who has shagged your girlfriend, or eaten the last slice of pizza.
"Oh my God, I gotta thoad!"
"Peter, you fucking thoad!"
by bellster July 12, 2006
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similar in origin to 'choad', however this variation means a penis that has a bellend that is several times wider than the shaft. This results in a curved, dome-like penis that rather resembles a giant red mushroom, or in some flatter cases, a medieval shield. Use as such however, is certainly not recommended, however tempting it may seem.

Also used as a term of abuse.
"Ouch, God damn it, he shot an arrow right into my doad! It was a bad idea using it as a shield!"
"You can be a right doad sometimes Chris."
by bellster July 12, 2006
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