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street silliness induced by drinking massive quantities of alcohol.

crack games usually occur on the street after a night of binge drinking, and they involve: placing garbage on cars, knocking shit over, yelling inappropriate things at passers-by, general harrassment of neighbors.
person 1: how did that mattress end up on my car?

person 2: ooooh shit, i forgot about that. we played the crack game last night!
by bellewasok April 9, 2005
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section of craigslist where people can post about strangers they saw on the subway, at work, in elevators, at rock shows.

can also be used as a verb.
woah he's fine. i'm gonna missed connection him tomorrow.
by bellewasok April 11, 2005
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butt money is when you stick your dollars in your butt crack before paying for stuff. usually butt money occurs when you are waitiing for food to be delivered.
dude they are taking forever to bring us our food. i'm totally giving him some butt money.
by bellewasok December 5, 2006
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hideously ugly slut. a horrific, subhuman specimen. a heinous whore.

coined by perez hilton.
tara reid is looking especially whoreanus tonight!
by bellewasok April 9, 2005
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