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A very very thin person.
"Monica from friends is a skull on a stick."
by beliatilo October 27, 2004
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When everything is the world is nice and lovely - people are helping, children are smiling, and nothing gets you down. A state of mind and an ideal world state.

Named after the band Lemon Jelly who make lovely music and are very good to their fans.
"Work really sucked today, but I'm very lemon jelly about it."

"She made us a cake? That's lemon jelly."

"If the world was lemon jelly, we'd all be happy."
by beliatilo September 19, 2004
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Harpic is a brand of UK toilet cleaner. To be Harpic is to be insane - because you are 'clean round the bend'.
Frau: That woman is eating her own shoes!
Herr: That's because she's harpic.
by beliatilo September 19, 2004
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A fagwa is war declared by gay people on a homophobic person, institution etc.

First used by one of the gay men ejected from a Pharrell Williams party because he was gay.
Man 1: They threw us out of the party!
Man 2: Well we'll have to declare a fagwa!

Man 3: Have you seen the original definition of the word 'fagwa'?
Man 4: Yes, that guy is facing a fagwa the size of Africa.
by beliatilo June 28, 2006
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A failed abortion is someone who is so detestable, it should have been noticed before they were born and dealt with.

For some reason, they held on...
"He did what? Man, he's such a failed abortion."
by beliatilo September 19, 2004
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Both words have long been subverted to mean the opposite. Together they have a double opposite-negative power to express that something is extra cool and exciting.
"You wanna go see Bowie play live?"
"Yeah, wicked and bad!"

"Wanna go out for dinner on Tuesday?"
"Yeah, I'm free. Wicked and bad - see you then."
by beliatilo November 15, 2004
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