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The greatest 'chillout' band in the business. Fantastic to sleep and relax to. Their best song being 'Spacewalk' give it a try!
Ahh this music is so relaxing and peacful.. I think I'm gunna fall as..... zzzzz
by Hendles January 01, 2004
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When everything is the world is nice and lovely - people are helping, children are smiling, and nothing gets you down. A state of mind and an ideal world state.

Named after the band Lemon Jelly who make lovely music and are very good to their fans.
"Work really sucked today, but I'm very lemon jelly about it."

"She made us a cake? That's lemon jelly."

"If the world was lemon jelly, we'd all be happy."
by Beliatilo September 19, 2004
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A brilliant chillout band sending out relaxing vibes to everyone who downloads their shit.

Or buys it. Heh.

Their best relxation tune? Red Dust.
Their worst tune? Bachelor Pad.
Their weirdest tune? All of them, really. Esp. Nervous Tension and Page One.
Lemon Jelly are whack.
Lemon Jelly are fly.
I got shit-faced last night to Jemon Jelly.
by FD April 29, 2004
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