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What a retired hockey player refers to as their time when they were playing hockey.
"Back in my hay days I kicked some ass"-Ken Daneyko
by belcherrr February 21, 2008

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Goalie for the New York Rangers. One of the more overrated goaltenders in the NHL. Extremely inconsistent and is currently not in the top 10 in goals against average and is currently #27 in save percentage. Lundqvist has been under close watch of the NHLPA (National Hockey League Player's Association) because of his large goalie pads. His pads also helped provoked the GM's to start talks about making goalie's pads smaller. Because he plays for a New York team, every great save he makes is blown up and everyone thinks he is godly. He is truly overrated. He is by no means a bad goaltender (actaully quite good), just really really overrated.
"I hear Brodeur is starting in the All-Star game. What a surprise..Is Henrik Lundqvist?"-Kelly
"Fuck no. Do you think blowing a 5-0 lead will get you into an All-Star game?"-Me
"HA! No. What a dumb fuck"-Kelly
by belcherrr February 21, 2008

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