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1. Phrase meaning "cake/caking on the make up"; used to describle a female who wears excessive, disgusting, and unnecessary amounts of make-up;
2. A female who doesn't know how to properly apply foundation, concealer, etc., thus her face gives off a "cake-y" appearance due to the overuse of various products
Damn, that cake-da-make bitch wears more foundation and eye shadow than a circus clown!
by bebelicha March 10, 2004
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1. Persons who express excessive kinkiness together on a regular basis
2. Two people in a "platonic" relationship who discuss having sex or performing sexual acts on one another on a routine basis in a silly, joking manner
--1: the power might be going out so i might have to leave
2: it's ok, we'll have sex under a blanket
3: why not on top?
4: it doesn't matter to me...

--1: i'm afraid
2: why?
3: our mind powers...
4: we're kinkymates
by bebelicha March 09, 2004
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1. A closet freak
2. A person whose quiet demeanor leads others to believe they're innocent, but they're sexually corrupted, kinky, and perverted
3. Slang combination of the words "secret" and "freak"
He seemed innocent until he admitted the true reason he had his tongue pierced.
by bebelicha March 10, 2004
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1. A Korean word for "stupid", "silly", or "idiot"
2. Rachael

Can be used without a verb as shown in the example.
Me - "You babo!"
Rachael - "No, you babo!"
by bebelicha March 09, 2004
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Meaning 'Primary Source of Happiness'; used to label a person or thing who is the main source of happiness in ones
Pookah is my PSH simply because he is who he is.
by bebelicha September 06, 2004
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