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To take public transit without paying the fair.
I'm too poor to buy my monthly pass yet. I'm going to be a transit bandit until pay day.

Sarena "Did you buy a skytrain ticket?"
Robert "No. I'm going to be a transit bandit on our way downtown tonight."
by Beatjunkie604 September 23, 2008

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To be used like "touché" but instead of proving a point it is when someone does something that a douche bag would do
Sean "Was he wearing a wife-beater?"

Tim "No, an Ed Hardy tee"

Sean "Ahh douché"
by beatjunkie604 July 28, 2009

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A partial blow job. When a girl, or guy gives you a blow job and you do not finish.
Jon - "I met this girl last night but she wasn't that good in bed"

Rob - "What do you mean?"

Jon - "She went down, but only gave me a PBJ. I didn't even get to finish."
by beatjunkie604 June 09, 2009

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