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Tupac's twin brother. Seperated at birth.
Tupac and Dubac went fishing
by bdawg December 10, 2003
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off da heezay is defined as talking your bawl with the most pube dipping it in chocolate syrup and rubbing it on someones forhead.
by Bdawg February 11, 2004
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The pimp3st internet user EVER!!! uber l33t!!
Kapheen is l33t
by BDawg October 18, 2003
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girl that gets banged by 3 dudes, all wholes filled at once
courtney is a very dirty trutle, she loves turtles. walk around in group of 3s n ur turn might come up
by bdawg March 22, 2004
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Never Getting Laid.

It's basically a term used to define ugly creepy losers who will never have sex in their lifetime.
S: That guy is such a creepy loser. He constantly touches girls on the shoulder, and goes after girls who are out of his league. He's definitely NGL.
by Bdawg April 16, 2005
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